The Article or Ad below is RCA Record Division's official launch of "Dynaflex" Records to the Industry.

To the bane of Record Buyers, it was bad news. It is so amazing to hear how they were selling it, no warping, lower noise, etc. I lived through this era, and these records stunk! It was true that there were good pressings. But there were significant bad pressings that were warped and had high surface noise, and also low frequency wow. Some of these were hard to track with the cartridges. You'd see the tone arm going up and down, up and down, every revolution, or sometimes more often. When I think about it, this should have been a good process; I really don't know why it all turned out to be such a lie.

RCA Records implemented this in 1971, and it took them 8-9 years to abandon this and go back to making good Red Seal Records.

Nowadays, we know that a record weight that fits over the spindle helps, and some people will swear that you can straighten the records out by using clamping devices and you oven on low; and then again, some people just swear!

What's good about the article below is that it contains the official data from RCA on the weight and the thickness of the records. And you get to hear their side of the story for fairness.

I will research some comments from vinyl experts of the day, and add these to this page.

dyna flex 1