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  • Recommended Classical Music Books for Classical Music
    • Biographies
    • General Reference on the Music
    • Specific Topics in Classical Music
    • Used and Out of Print Recommendations and Links to Where to Purchase
  • Book Repair and Maintenance for Long Life
  • Maintaining Your Vinyl Record Collection
  • Improving Your Vinyl Listening Experience
  • Early Mail-Order Classical Record Clubs [pg. The Conductors Orchestras Soloists]
    • The Concert Hall Society
    • The Musical Masterpiece Society
  • Grocery Store Record Collections of the 1950's - 1970's
    • The "Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music" [Its own page]
    • "The Standard Treasury of the World's Great Music" [Its own page]
    • "The Webster Library of the World's Greatest Music" [pg. Other Record Sets]
    • "The Philharmonic Family Library of Great Music" [pg. Other Record Sets]
    • "The Funk & Wagnalls Family Library of Great Music" [pg. Other Record Sets]
  • Grocery Store Reference Book Sets [pg. Reference Book Sets]
  • One-Item Per Week Until Complete - The Grocery Store Installment Plan with No Interest!
    • "The Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia"
    • "The Golden Book Encyclopedia"
    • "The Golden Book Picture Atlas of the World"
    • "The Golden Book Dictionary"
    • "The Little & Ives Dictionary and Family Reference Library"
    • "The New Century Unabridged Dictionary"
    • "The Standard Treasury of the World's Great Paintings"
  • Pronunciation of the Names of Persons, Places, and Works
  • Famous RCA Records Technical "Achievements" -  See our web [pg. Other Record Sets] for Buttons to the 4 pages below
    • "Gruve Gard" - Anti-scratch molding
    • "Miracle Surface" - Anti-static vinyl
    • "Dynaflex" - Floppy disc records, ultra-thin, flexible, and warped...
    • "Dynagroove" - Special disc mastering techniques, and signal processing designed to drive audiophiles crazy
  • Classical Music Trivia
  • Feedback received for the CMR site

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